Return of the Crypt Creeper's Return

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A few people hit me up to make a few more of these, so here they are. These are likely the last ones.


You asked, so he's back. The Crypt Creeper returns. He's a 100% bootleg freak from the board game, but I have made him better. That's the whole point of bootlegging right? Anyway... Most of these little dudes are double pour (meaning that they have basically been cast twice - two resin batches, twice in the pressure pot). Their fleshless faces glow like the sun (green/blue more than red/orange) in the dark and some even glow more under UV. No two are the same, just like me and you.

The header card is super flip-overable and magically transform into a playset. Not Transformers, stop it - it's a playset. Yes, a playset (designed by @worsttoyeverdesign)! Made of 100% cardstock and ink!! This playset will allow you to get deeply into immersive play with your Creep, you will spend days marching him around from one side of the card to the next, spinning tales of horror and dread. But wait.... there's more! Each comes with an accurate to scale tombstone! Or, is it a gravestone? Anyway... Each comes with a little grave marker that may glow or not, may light up under uv or not, it may do nothing at all but mark an imaginary grave - that's ok. It has a little space on it for you to write a loved one's name or maybe someone you'd like to see dead. This is your place to be you - so, be you.

Each Creep comes bagged and tagged like any good corpse. And, they all have thumbs.