Terran Fleshbag Puggernaut - Official OMFG Exclusive

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…
Pugnacious and Barbarianuat, having slipped through the vortex of a black hole, emerge as a singular unstoppable galactic warrior, The Puggernaut!
Infused with the power cosmic, Puggernaut harnesses the energies of each unique world in order to extinguish tyranny throughout the cosmos!

Presented by The Mini Figure Militia.
Puggernaut kitbash by Charles Marsh (Monsterforge) and cast by Joe Martis (Simian Cheese).
Header art by Charles Marsh and designed by Worst Toy Ever.
Pugnacious designed by Bill MacKay (Berserker Studios) and sculpted by George Gaspar (Double G Toys).
Barbarianaut by Charles Marsh.
Pugnacious and Barbarianaut originally featured as part of OMFG from October Toys.

Photos by Lacerta Photo